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To help you find your special baby to love,
 I have a short form for you to fill out 
and submit in the contact box below.  

Adoption Information to help place just the right kitten for you and your family to love. 

You can copy and past into the Contact us box below! 

Adoptive Guardian


phone                                                  email

How did you hear about our kittens?

What are you looking for in a kitten, color _____________sex____________

Who is the kitten for?

Who will the primary care giver be for the kitten?

Do you have any other pets at home. Yes____No____

If yes, please tell me about them, how old and are they in good health?

Do you have children?  

If so are they ready for a new pet? 

Is everyone in the house looking forward to a new pet to love?

If you are a renter, is it OK to have a pet? Yes__ No__

How do you feel about declawing a cat?

Name of Veterinarian

​     If you choose one of our babies and would like to reserve it I will be glad to hold that baby for you.  
To hold a kitten there is a deposit fee that will go towards the adoption cost of the kitten. 
However if you decide later not to get that kitten then the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
I do not ship kittens, you must come to the cattery to pick up  your baby, That way you can ask questions and I can tell you all about the kitten.  They are living babies and BIA does not ship pets .  Also If you are flying in let me know as I have to have the vet prepare flying papers for the kitten to sit on your lap in an appropriate carrier.