Oodles of Doodles
Smallville's Doodle Bug & Lady Bug.  
It's Doodles  will be 13 yrs old. 
Lady Bug will be 11 in February.
Where did the time go!  Still in love!
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The day we picked up Lady Bug. 
Carlos had such a good time traveling down to get her even though it rained buckets and was very windy out. 
Carlos was thrilled to be able to hold her all the way home.
They both did well!  
Carlos said; you know Me Me , I think she likes me already!
Later when Carlos and Lady Bug  became tired they took a nap on the couch together.

My Grandson and his puppy!
Hey, Grandma she won't stop wiggling! 
Oodles of Doodles 
Doodle Bug and Desiree,  kisses! Yuck!
Dachshund's make wonderful family dogs,  good with children and are great watch dogs too.
Welcome to the Oodles of  Doodles page. 
Doodles are really "Dachshunds" with Doodle personalities. 
Any one who had ever owned a Dachshund knows 
of the cuteness and quirkiness of a Dachshund. 
'Smallville's Doodle Bug"  has such a great way 
of making me laugh, he sits right up on his hind legs and 
watches TV with me every night.  
He loves his little home and will go in it for a cookie, 
he also does what we call  "Doggie Dancing" on que. 
When the grandchildren come over to visit he is the first one to make 
sure the floors are free of cookie crumbs. 

Doodles best friend is Zoe, my German Shepherd . 
You'll find them sleeping on the big pillow together.  
He is also found of Yoni the black Persian, 
they were raised together and are about the same age. 
They chase each other around the house and sometimes
 when they have had enough they fall asleep together. 

I will be posting pictures of her as she grows. 

May 18, 2008 
Lady and Doodles have grown! 
How spoiled can two little dogs be!  
Doodle Bug and Lady Bugs kennel has been modified for better play time and protection from the elements. 
They have a new soft bed inside the little house , toys, linoleum on the floor, and a great location.
 The Doodle bugs really like being in the new kennel. 
Carlos and Doodle Bug cuddled up for the night.