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Hey Pat, just a quick note to tell you Princess Leya is doing great! Growing like a weed; we took her Monday to the Vet for shots.
 Everybody Loves her as she is soo Adorable! She has really adjusted well and thinks she owns the place now; you won't believe this  but she actually Studies the Bible with me everyday; she sits on my lap and will allow me to read (I always read out loud anyway) for as long as I want; it's amazing, the folks at Church are all talking about Pastor's "Spirit-Filled" Kitty! 
And now, she is actually taking her little paw and helping me turn the page every time I do, I'm not making this up, it's too funny, what a Blessing she is to us; thanx again for your wonderful work in bringing such incredible creatures of God into this world; keep up the good work; bye for now.
Princess is the tortoiseshell in this picture. 
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This page was last updated: January 26, 2017
Tiger Lilly 
Today I take over Barbies house, tomorrow the world. MOL
King Elmo of the Barbie house has been adopted. 
Past litter of Tiger Lilly's babies . 

Tiger Lilly is a beautiful blue cream tortoiseshell, with a wonderful personality.  
Retired and enjoying just being a Grammy!