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This page was last updated: January 26, 2017
I'm not happy! 
After the bath, 
kitten  being loved
I"m getting wet!
  Niki and his older mate. 
Now this is just too cute! 
Carlos and Faja sleeping together 
Mazie Dobbs as a baby, she was such a cuite baby, you just have to kiss her face!  
Dr. Grace  Siminson & Mazie's babies.
I highly recommend the 
Searsport Veterinarian Hospital for all your pets needs. 
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Resses born 2009 
The red babies will look  like him. 
 Our family adopted two of Maize’s "children".. They are the sweetest, most beautiful kitties! We love them dearly. When you invest "YEARS" into an animals life it is wise to chose carefully. 
These animals are worth the investment! They are not only BEAUTIFUL but intelligent and very gentle. We LOVE them and want to thank Pat for all the effort, time and energy she has put into providing such precious little creatures! 
Shortly after we got them we traveled 1200 miles to our camp. We didn't want to lose out on any time with them and took them with us! They traveled like PROFESSIONALS! In the past we avoided taking our cats anywhere because immediately they started howling. These kittens NEVER howled or cried. They would chose a spot and settle down....They would play together like they were on the living room floor and not in a moving vehicle. 
Needless to say they have adapted very well to our lives. We have been so pleased with them that our son is now getting his second and a dear friend also bought one...and has thanked me over and over for introducing her to Pat. She says it's the BEST kitten she has EVER had! Thank you Pat!!
                                         Ann G Friday,  From: Freeport, Maine
Story time for Carlos, Desiree and a kitten. 
My grand children love to spend time with the babies. 

Mazie Dobbs is now retired to enjoy sleeping in the sun and cuddling up by the wood stove.