Doll Face Cattery brings you family raised Himalayan & Persian kittens.
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Vincenzio's  mission in life is to provide healthy Himalayan/Persian kittens with beautiful, sweet expressions and loving personalities.
Vincenzio will raise his babies in a loving home and is one of our family.
He has many chores , checking out and tasting the kitten chow, washing faces, 
purring loudly, and baby sitting.
We breed Persians and Himalayan cats for the love of the breed and the preservation of such a wonderful cat. 
Our babies are traditional doll face Persians, this is the way a Persian is supposed to look. 
They have a beautifully shaped faces, their nose is cute and set like a little button NOT flat. 
This allows the cat to breath well, eliminating sinus, respiratory, and even eye problems. 
I'm very proud of my cats and kittens and love showing them off to everyone.  

CFA Himalayan cat information:
Weight: 9-12 lbs.
Overall Appearance - The Himalayan is a medium to large cat with a short, compact body; short, thick legs; and a short, thick tail. These cats have the typically Persian broad face, snub nose, rounded ears set low on the head, and large, vividly blue eyes. As with other Persians, Himalayans have a voluminous coat of long, dense fur that covers the entire animal, from ear tuft to toe tuft. A gorgeously showy neck ruff lends a regal quality to their demeanor. Especially distinctive are the contrasting points, which may be solid, tortoiseshell, or lynx. Body color ranges from white to beige. 
Weight: 9 -12 lbs. 
CFA Persian cat information:
Color - Persians come in seven different color divisions: Solid, Silver and Golden, Shaded and Smoke, Tabby, Particolor, Bicolor and Himalayan. Their colors can range from pure snowy white to speckled brown and gray and everything in-between. 
Eyes - Ranges from blue, to copper, to odd-eyed, to green for the Silvers and Golden, to blue for the Himalayans. Eye color is dependent upon coat color. 

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Basilio Carlos  Vincenzio Silavano 

"Vinnie" watching her while she is sleeping. 
Doll Face Cattery
Vinnie with his winter coat. 
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Mirabella is available for adoption. She is a chocolate tortoiseshell.