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This page was last updated: November 9, 2017
Has it been that long ?

It seems just like yesterday that my daughter and I brought home our very first 
Persian kitten. 
She was so cute and fluffy, when Elizabeth put her up to her face, the kittens whiskers tickled her face. She named her "Tickles Too Cute". 
Tickles grew fast and that was when we decided to start raising Persian kittens. 
I bought my first male, a red shaded cameo and named him "Carmen Vinccenizo" better know as Vinnie.  I found Vinnie's papers the other day and pictures of his babies. 
Our first litter was born in 1987.  
Tickles and Vinnie had 6 babies, each a different color. How nice it was to see all the beautiful colors of the little kittens. 
Over the years we have added new Persians to our cattery.  Our leading man is of course 
"Basilio Carlos Vincenzio Silavano"  better know as "Vinnie".
I love the Persian & Himalayan breed, we only breed for the love of the breed and the preservation of the breed. 
Seeing the look on the new parents face when they hold their baby for the first time
 is pure love.
There are many late nights waiting for the babies to be born, I stay with the mom to give her comfort and love. 
The queens have a special  food from Royal Canin, It gives the mom a lot of nourishment and produces rich milk for the babies.  
I get an early start on taking care of my babies and moms.  
Some of the chores I do are laundry daily to make sure they have a clean 
bedding , litter boxes that are done twice a day, floors washed and their toys get washed also.
I play with the babies, checking them several times a day to make sure they are warm, and gaining weight. 
When they get older I start grooming them gently with a baby brush. 
This is so they get used to the feeling of being groomed.
Then it's time to go to the veterinarian. 
By the time the kittens are 8 weeks old they are eating on their own, using the litter box.
Before you pick up your baby their ears are cleaned, kitten is wormed, bathed, shots, groomed  
and ready to join your family.

Because this is a small cattery,  we have a limited number of litters per year.
I choose not to ship babies . I don't feel it is safe to put a kitten in a cargo area alone. 
Their are many airports that aren't allowing the shipment of small animals
 due to liability issues. 

However, if you are flying in to get your baby I will make sure your kitten has all the necessary paper work 
so your kitten can fly back with you. 
 At this time the kitten has a second visit to the veterinarian to have a wellness checkup, wormed, 
rabies shot and the booster shot.  Then the paperwork is prepared for the flight.

Kittens are adopted with a spay/neuter contract,  breeding rights are extra and  limited .
It's important for you to come to the cattery to get to know us and meet the other cats in the cattery. 

 I  reserve the right to limit breeding right.   Terms will be discussed with the breeder. 
Any kitten IS as a potential breeder will need to have a written breeding plan 
available for me to view. 
I will be glad to help you with any questions at that time.  

I will be very happy to send you a kitten check list to help you shop for your baby.

This is our nursery
Mission Statement 
Vinnie's family and my family working together to make one of our babies, your special baby . 
My very first litter of kittens "1986"
Niki                                                 Nicholas 
Mr. Bojangles 
Hi, Elly So nice to hear from you--and about your new little ones! Niki is getting to be a big boy (5 1/2 months old now), and is a real jewel. Not 
afraid of anything or anybody, very friendly to everyone, incredibly affectionate, and smart--what a personality he has! I am so lucky to have him.He gets along great with my other two--Oliver and Allie. Especially Allie, who has "adopted" him, as I knew she would. Here are some pictures of the two of them. Niki is fond of playing The piano--walking up and down the keyboard at any time of the day (or night!). I think we are all quite content now, and feel three is just right for now. I hope you will keep in touch--would love to see how your lovely babies are growing. At some point,I still want to get up there to visit--I just have a feeling we will connect at some point in the future! Take care and enjoy all those new little ones (kitties and puppies--how cute they all are!). --Pat Oliver's mom

Good Morning Elly 
 We have named our kitty, Lord Nicholas Mufassa Musavee, we call him Nicholas.  He went to the vet yesterday, they all just loved him.  My vet Jenney said she knew you vet, that she used to be in Southwest Harbor she thought.  Nicholas is in great shape.  He got his next shots and is already for his appointment on Aug 29.  He has moved into our home and taken it over.  Our large cat Sassy, was real standoffish at first but she has even warmed up to him.  She lets him run around her and play with her tail.  I think they are going to be great friends.  He is a great joy to us.  He sleeps with us, curls around my head.  He gets up about 2, gets a drink, goes his box and then decide it is play time.  Last night I just made believe I did not wake up, he came up and laid just under my chin and kept nudging my chin with his head.  He loves to be cuddled.  He is a great addition to our home.  My vet said that she believes he will be at least 14 to 18 pounds without being over weight.  She thinks he will be a big kitty.  Just wanted you to know all is fine and that we love him already.  Eleanor West, downeast Maine.

 Now you know this chair belongs to me, Right?
Mr. Sims gets a bath!
Gram's little helper
Mary Iris Rose is enjoying retirement and now is passing the time sleeping on the computer and watching her DVD player. 
Blake and Luke in their new home.
Today I buried my best friend in the lower corner of the garden where she spent most of her time. 
It is with a sad heart that I want to let everyone know that my beautiful Zoë has passed away. 
Zoë was a rescue puppy, her mother died when she was only 10 days old. Zoë was the runt of the litter and wasn’t expected to live. 
I took her home and fed her with a bottle, kept her warm and clean and by the time she was 5 weeks old she was starting to eat on her own. 
The first year was unique as Zoë wasn’t aware that she was a dog.  She had no social skills and it took me till she was two to train her. 
Once she caught on it was awesome, she is the only dog that would go for walks with out a lead and when I stopped, she would stop and wait for me. 
Some of her favorite times were when we would go to the blueberry field.  Zoë would run all around and then just stop and eat blueberries.  It was fun to watch her  do her little act. 
Zoë also loved to go to the garden with me, she would find the best place in the shade to rest.  Occasionally she would sneak a green bean or two. Zoë never walked on the veggies, she carefully went between the rows. 
At night Zoë would get up on the couch with me and curl up leaving me just enough room to get comfortable on the other end.  She really liked to have the blanket over her and yes she had her own pillow at the other end of the couch.  I really did spoil her, or did she have me spoiled.  
Their were many nights that one of the grandchildren would stay over, Zoë would make rounds and sleep on the floor next to the little ones bed.  If they would wake up in the middle of the night she came and got me. 
In her last years she just liked to lay on the big pillow I made just for her.  However if someone was coming down the road she would quickly get up and let out a couple of really loud barks.  

In the spring I will plant a special garden just for her , in honor of all the love she gave me and my family. 
I love you and will miss your ZO ZO!
Love MOM

"Zoe Dances with Porcupines" 
This is the day we brought Zoe home, she was 10 days old. 
Wearing a pink bow and wrapped  in Elizabeth's  favorite baby blanket, she was safe and in her new home. 
Three scruffy little kids all in a row, Carlos, Desiree and Andrea