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Today I buried my best friend in the lower corner of the garden where she spent most of her time. 
It is with a sad heart that I want to let everyone know that my beautiful Zoë has passed away. 
Zoë was a rescue puppy, her mother died when she was only 10 days old. Zoë was the runt of the litter and wasn’t expected to live. 
I took her home and fed her with a bottle, kept her warm and clean and by the time she was 5 weeks old she was starting to eat on her own. 
The first year was unique as Zoë wasn’t aware that she was a dog.  She had no social skills and it took me till she was two to train her. 
Once she caught on it was awesome, she is the only dog that would go for walks with out a lead and when I stopped, she would stop and wait for me. 
Some of her favorite times were when we would go to the blueberry field.  Zoë would run all around and then just stop and eat blueberries.  It was fun to watch her  do her little act. 
Zoë also loved to go to the garden with me, she would find the best place in the shade to rest.  Occasionally she would sneak a green bean or two. Zoë never walked on the veggies, she carefully went between the rows. 
At night Zoë would get up on the couch with me and curl up leaving me just enough room to get comfortable on the other end.  She really liked to have the blanket over her and yes she had her own pillow at the other end of the couch.  I really did spoil her, or did she have me spoiled.  
Their were many nights that one of the grandchildren would stay over, Zoë would make rounds and sleep on the floor next to the little ones bed.  If they would wake up in the middle of the night she came and got me. 
In her last years she just liked to lay on the big pillow I made just for her.  However if someone was coming down the road she would quickly get up and let out a couple of really loud barks.  

In the spring I will plant a special garden just for her , in honor of all the love she gave me and my family. 
I love you and will miss your ZO ZO!
Love MOM

This is the day we brought Zoe home, she was 10 days old. 
Wearing a pink bow and wrapped  in Elizabeth's  favorite baby blanket, she was safe and in her new home. 
Zoe Dances with Porcupines
Adoption Information to help place just the right kitten for you and your family to love. 

You can copy and past into the Contact us box below! 

Adoptive Guardian


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How did you hear about our kittens?

What are you looking for in a kitten, color _____________sex____________

Who is the kitten for?

Who will the primary care giver be for the kitten?

Do you have any other pets at home. Yes____No____

If yes, please tell me about them, how old and are they in good health?

Do you have children?  

If so are they ready for a new pet? 

Is everyone in the house looking forward to a new pet to love?

If you are a renter, is it OK to have a pet? Yes__ No__

How do you feel about declawing a cat?

Name of Veterinarian

​ If you choose one of our babies and would like to reserve it I will be glad to hold that baby for you.  
To hold a kitten there is a deposit fee that will go towards the adoption cost of the kitten. 
However if you decide later not to get that kitten then the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
I do not ship kittens, you must come to the cattery to pick up your baby, That way you can ask questions and I can tell you all about the kitten. They are living babies and BIA does not ship pets . Also If you are flying in let me know as I have to have the vet prepare flying papers for the kitten to sit on your lap in an appropriate carrier. 
Kitten development 101

From birth to about 10 days old, the kitten is totally dependent on mom and myself for all it's needs. 

As the kitten grows it will learn everything it needs to become an 

awesome cat. 

When a kitten is 10 days old the eyes start to open. It will take a few days for the kitten to adjust to the light and surroundings. 

Kittens navigate by the sound and vibration of their mothers purr acts like Morse code for kittens. 

Now it's time for the kittens to get up and move more.  This is so cute to watch, they wobble around checking out the surroundings. 

By the time they are 3 weeks old, babies are able to walk around the nursery. The kittens love to investigate their nursery bed. 

Between 4-5 weeks old the kittens are put on a soft kitten bed during the day so they can get to know the other cats.  

 Soon they will be introduced to a special baby cat food from Royal Canin. Before you know it they are eating solids. 

7-8 weeks the kittens are eating dry baby cat food along with nursing from the mother. 

Mom will set the pace for weaning her babies. Most of them wander off before 8 weeks old and no longer want to nurse. 

However, I had one kitten that would have nursed till it was 6 months if mom let it.