My letter desk with drawers is done!
 The wood was so beautiful and the chair matched so well that I just couldn't put paint on it. 
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Tall wooded boxes, 14" tall 4 1/2" wide  great for knitting needles, bath accessories, wine bottles
 and just about any thing you want a pretty container for. 

This table has great curves and design! "The Frog in the Bog"! 
Before and after serving tray
Mural finished, each of the grandchildren are in the picture, Lexi is on the blue bird, Desiree is riding the humming bird, and Carlos is the Dragon fly! 
Grammy is the angel watching over all of us.
Grampy is sleeping on the mushroom! 
Our tree has a new look, the kids had a great time repainting the old tree. 
Lexi and the old tree !
Lexi's piggy bank made for her by her  Mamere S.
Painted by her Me Me 
Miss Piggy was made out of a Mayo jar! 
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Small's Magic 
 other fun stuff!
Pat Germann

Hand painted Sunshine stool, I use this in my kitchen.
Dragon table was painted free hand for my 
Grand daughter! 

Small's Magic Emporium will now be using Unicorn Spit on our furniture.  
Unicorn Spit is a unique gel stain that soaks into the natural wood allowing the beautiful grain of the wood to show through. 
 I would love to refinish one of your special pieces
 and give it a second life.  
For more information please call 207-323-3675 or email    
The Magnificent Rooster    8x10" Canvas                        The Wolf in Flowers 
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Small's Magic Emporium
Small's Magic Emporium
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